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(Español) Proporción – Ergonomía y anatomía en interfaces modernas

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

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Trourist, Moleskine and craftmanship

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Yes, we know. As bloggers, we are a complete disaster. But today, we would really like to share something we sincerely didn’t expect and made us feel really happy. Jokin Bereciartu, one of the Trourist team members sent us an email with a little treasure in it. Some months ago we designed a “Trourist special […]

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Les vacances

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La Personnalité and M. Hulot will go on holiday the next two weeks. Be happy and take care of “the internet” for us.

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Legisconsulting, a law firm’s web presence

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Legisconsulting is the law firm founden by José Mª Sánchez Casillas, an experienced lawyer in business and corporate law advice who came to us looking for the ideal image for his company.

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Trourist’s newsletter in Campaign Monitor’s design gallery

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A week ago Campaign Monitor’s people spotlighted the newsletter we’ve designed for Trourist’s guys. And we are very proud and happy. That just made our day.

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(Español), nuestra aplicación “abredatos”

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

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We’ll be at the Desafío Abredatos 2010

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Desafío Abredatos 2010 is a 48 hour contest to create applications based on public data. We are going to take part on it with our friends of Linking Paths, just as we did in the last Rails Rumble. We will be here. Nice, hum? PS: FYI, Desafío Abredatos means Opendata Challenge in Spanish.

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We will be at the Rails Rumble

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We are really pleased to announce that we will be at the Rails Rumble this year with our collaborators, clients and friends from Linking Paths.

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La Personnalité in Nickdutnik

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If you missed it, here we are on the ETB tv show, Nickdutnik. No, it’s not the psychiatric. But almost.

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And finally…

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We have a website. We were fed up with the constant jokes of friends and mates. We decided to end the mistery. Do it.

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